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Let's create, 

and change

the world, 

shall we?

Erin Carr
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This is me

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I work as a professional actor, physical theatre creator, 

theatre educator, and arts activist with various theatre organizations

around the U.S., along with consulting as a Kinesics Specialist

focusing on micro-expressions, non-verbal communication, and providing the skills to increase emotional intelligence for the individual and collective.

Performer  Creator 
 Theatre Educator

 Producer  Creative Initiatives

Kinesics Specialist  Activist 

Intimacy Choreographer

 Public Speaking  Engagement

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Whatever the physical narrative is, I'm here to help you tell it. Intentionally.

Awareness of self is more than acknowledgment of strengths or areas of growth. It's about developing a constant check-in on what story you are telling to yourself, to those casually around you, and to your intended audience. And then deciding if that's the story you intend to share.


During my formative studies, I began to recognize the benefit of observation. For both movement work and character study, as well as a process to better understand my own role in relation to humanity. And from observation, discoveries emerge. In my work, I feel it's how we process these discoveries that can either guide us towards breakthroughs or put up barriers. As an artist, I take these discoveries and use them in creative storytelling. As a coach, I take these obstacles and transform them into personal opportunities. 

There is value in listening beyond just the words being shared, both on stage and in our own lives. And it's through this type of listening that we increase our ability to empathize and better communicate. We all have a story to tell. Let's do so with consciousness.

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Creative Projects &

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Col·lab·o·ra·tion (n): the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

Collaboration can be many things. In my line of work, it sometimes can mean developing an original piece of theatre, restructuring an established organization, influencing how the arts are perceived through educational efforts, or even bringing powerhouse individuals together to share their expertise. However, no matter the objective, three core values should always exist during the process: commitment, integrity, and passion.

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