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Teaching Artist

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Philosophy & Focus

"Obstacles as Opportunities"

As a physical theatre artist & educator, I believe in encouraging artists of all ages to discover their own method of creation through physical awareness while expanding their knowledge of self in the process.

My goal is to strengthen one's artistic skillset and cultivate an appreciation of all theatrical aspects; artist and observer, by concentrating on creative and imaginative thinking. This is achieved by emphasizing theatre as a collaborative and ensemble-driven art, through various exercises and movements that focus on the connection between the body & our emotions.

From young actors learning what they enjoy about theatre to college students honing their artistic abilities, from adults looking to strengthen their presentation skills to advanced artists looking for a fresh perspective, I work to meet each individual where they are at present and provide the tools to get them where they want to be.


As a movement coach, intimacy choreographer, and physical theatre director, I believe it is essential to create an environment that is based on trust and collaboration. It's through this work that we transform obstacles into opportunities to find grounding and creatively express our inner life.

Whatever the physical narrative is,
I'm here to help you tell it.

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Private Coaching 

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Acting Lessons: 

I work with beginners who are just starting their journey to discover their love of theatre through advanced artists working to hone their skills. Whether your goal is to work on audition material or further understand specific acting methods, we will create a game plan together to get you to your goal.

Life Coach Sessions: 

These sessions are a combination of body-emotion awareness exercises & stream of consciousness devising activities that provide the individual the opportunity to take the next steps in their self-awareness journey.

*Available for individual, partner, and/or group sessions

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I offer various workshops on body language awareness, physical theatre development, the beginning work of devised theatre, understanding movement as an ensemble, and learning to connect impulse to action.

Workshop time frames are available between 60min-180min.

Options for all levels of experience.
Willing to travel. Virtual options are available.

Specialized Workshop Series:

Move With Meraki: 

A series of audio sessions that help an actor or ensemble discover their relationship to time, shape, and space. These can be used as warm-ups, during the character development process, and for a self-awareness artistic journey.

Discovery into Viewpoints: 

Viewpoints is more than just an acting technique to understand one's own physicality and more than a directing technique to organically create moments on stage. It is foremost the belief that to create organic art, one must see obstacle as opportunity.

I offer multiple workshops that explore the Viewpoints theory, as created by Mary Overlie. We dive into the SSTEMS system (space, shape, time, emotion, movement, story) and its influence on characterization, devised theatre, kinesthetic response, and deconstructing perspectives.

Through these studies, participants will discover their body's physical impulses through kinesthetic awareness and movement as well as the relationship between physical impulse, creation, and ensemble connection.

Beyond Grotowski's Cat: 

Jerzy Grotowski's work provides the opportunity for an individual to understand the unique connection between their body and their imagination. Through this practice, each participant gains a deeper understanding of what their individual body is capable of and how each person's individual physicality is what makes them their own unique artist.


I offer multiple workshops that introduce the work of Grotowski and his unique approach to paratheatre. This technique allows individuals to discover their cycle of ‘physicality to association/imaginative sparks’ back into movement and provides an actor with the ability to strengthen this body-mind connection. Through these studies, participants will develop the skills to bring themselves into "the moment" during a warm-up, the rehearsal process, and a performance.

This type of work relies on listening to the artist's physicality and physical action. The key to discovering the actor’s creative nature exists through the body. An actor’s relationship with artistic space, their freedom in improvisation, and spontaneity play an important role in the creative process. As a result, intangible moments become tangible. 

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Theatre Professor, Miami University

  • Prepare and distribute class materials such as course syllabus, informational handouts, and digital presentations
  • Challenge and motivate students through in-class exercises and discussions
  • Introduce the art of acting by focusing on the development of basic acting skills through improvisation, monologue preparation, and scene work
  • Help students appreciate theatre, as future audience members, by engaging in a hands-on look at theatre production
  • Develop and teach international acting courses online using various technical tools and digital mediums


Owner, Erin Carr Coaching Studio

Private Acting Studio & Movement Consulting Group

  • Train performers of all ages in a one-on-one setting to develop self-assurance in public speaking and auditioning
  • Work as a consultant to theatre companies, arts programs, and creative organizations for body language awareness and specificity in movement
  • Prepare high school level students for college auditions through monologue and song performance training
  • Instruct elementary school-level students & grade school-level students for high school theatre
  • Manage business sales, marketing, and structure of personal studio


Movement Instructor, Cincinnati Actor's Studio & Academy

  • Work on ensemble-building techniques and creative activities to encourage self-confidence
  • Introduce high school students to original movement and physical acting techniques
  • Develop demanding syllabi to challenge and encourage creativity
  • Create original pieces for students to expand upon and develop throughout the year


Additional Teaching Experience

  • Train teachers and other teaching professionals in advanced movement techniques and appropriate ways to further instruct using these techniques, including digital mediums
  • Travel to various conferences to provide advanced movement technique training for junior high and high school levels
  • Prepare students for touring productions by integrating theatre exercises with themes of the show
  • Develop and execute summer acting camps to create interest
    in all aspects of theatre
  • Introduce students & educators to original movement and
    physical acting techniques
  • Integrate social-emotional learning standards and the National Arts Standards into the curriculum for Pre-K through 12th 
  • Work on ensemble-building techniques and devising styles to cultivate self-confidence and increase emotional intelligence

  • Provide opportunities for professional development in movement-based theatre

  • Spark creativity using somatic and theatrical exercises when working with adults with disabilities

  • Engage the community through live, immersive, and interactive performance pieces

  • Encourage creativity & healing through the art of movement & imaginative play


  • Current companies include: Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, Pones Inc., Cincinnati Music Academy, Education Theatre Association, Community Arts Initiative, Commonwealth Artists Student Theatre, Teaching Artist Alliance

  • Past companies include: Walnut Street Theatre, Theatre Horizon

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