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Authentic vs. Automatic

Are your daily movements habitual or do you move with purpose? That's not to say that habits can't be authentic. But we need to ask ourselves: are we moving with intention or just going through the motions? Then the harder question arises: am I willing to take the steps to shift from automatic to authentic? We cannot be authentic without awareness, and awareness requires the willingness to be in the now.

Experiment: During your next "daily" task such as drinking water, checking your phone, brushing your teeth, notice what happens when you are intentional with your gestures and actions. Take the moment in, every detail, as minuscule as it may seem. Now take that awareness into your next task. And the next.

Authenticity leads to alignment. Notice what happens as you bring your mind into alignment with your body. How does this change your state of mind? At the end of the day, is your mind still filled with ' I should' and 'I must' or is it focused on the 'I get to' and 'I choose"?

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