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Reframe Your Perspective

Point of view. It can become easy to blame restlessness or lack of creativity on our surrounding space. Especially if it's the same space day after day. We decide to rearrange or purge or re-purpose. But what if we also decided to reposition? Reposition our physical relationship to the actual space. When we shift our physical point of view we offer our minds an opportunity to take in our surrounding space with a fresh perspective. When was the last time you noticed where the carpet bunches near the corner? Or how the sunlight never quite hits the ceiling above the window? Not in judgement, but observation. How would your surrounding space look from the POV of a pet? Notice what happens when you spend 5 minutes in a new position taking in an area with the perspective of an animal of a different size. Shift your visual horizons and it can shift your relationship to that space.

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